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WorkinGoodWay is a scalable and sustainable way for you and your comapany/organization to gain control of your digital flows and probably some of your analog flows on the fly. As digitalstructuralist I will help you find the tools and solutions that fit your needs best.

WorkinGoodWay is largely based on the personal experience of business development from industries such as Ericsson, Flextronics and a number of years as a consultant at Adecco, where I was partly of customers, Sandvik, Linde Gas and a number of smaller companies. My own experience of various digital tools I have built over the last 10 years, which has led me to the conclusion that in order to get a digital structure in their daily lives requires organization, knowledge and a constant renewal of their own knowledge. In order to expand my own knowledge, I have the years studied different techniques GTD, Pomodoro, Scrum, Lean and Kanban. From this knowledge combined with my practical experience of business systems and business development in various industries that the foundation for WorkinGoodWay emerged. In the implementation of WorkinGoodWay I put great emphasis on adapting your digital tools based on your needs, knowledge and goals.

WorkinGoodWay is flexible, fully scalable, and besides it accessible via most platforms. How your implementation of WorkinGoodWay will look like, that we will agree upon after analysis of your present status. WorkingGoodWay fully employed includes at least five steps, in some cases, additional steps, which depends on the size and other factors that will follow the initial analysis.

WorkinGoodWay is also a collection of methods and models for how you can monitor what is happening around your brand, through as many sources as possible, you can compile the information in a comprehensible presentation.

So it is of the highest priority I can study how you work today, you are a company with different departments needed one day per department to ensure that I have your entire workflow ready for me to leave a offer suggestions to you based on actual conditions .

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